In the river asking for help for four puppies: they are threatened by deadly disease

В Днепре просят о помощи для четверых щенят: им угрожает смертельная болезнь

“We are responsible for those who tamed” – unfortunately, this is a well-known expression for some dog owners just an empty sound. However, does it make sense to speak about any responsibility if they don’t mind even to throw four puppies to the shelter, which is struggling to make ends meet? Now volunteers are looking for the money not only for food, but also vaccination – little tramps in mortal enteritis.

Three red girls and one shaggy boy were born, presumably, from the Dachshund and the Pekingese. They will be medium size, but now a quadruped is quite small. In addition to a healthy diet, you need to process them and to impart, where the latter factor is decisive: recently at the shelter there was an outbreak of enteritis, and if it is sick puppies, the disease can lead to tragic consequences. It is reported by the Informant, referring to the shelter, “We stand for the right to life.”

Puppies in need of new families, since such crumbs are in the risk zone and can catch anything at the shelter, not only enteritis. At least two vaccinations have to do each one costs 300 hryvnias. Also puppies need handling from worms, not to mention stern. In the care of the shelter houses many dogs and cats, therefore, funds for kids is not enough. Volunteers we appeal to the people of the Dnieper with a request to have her pups or help with vaccinations and food. Girls plan to be sterilized at the age of 5-6 months. Any amount of money now may save tails.

Card mini-shelter:

  • Privat 4149 4991 3681 6293 – Humanic Olga Valentinovna
  • MonoBank 5375 4141 0707 6654 – Humanic Olga Valentinovna
  • TransferWise Umanchyk Olga
  • Transfer to QIWI Purse +38093235037
  • Account: UA693052990000026004050290416 UAH

    UA593052990000026007050514564 USD

    UA153052990000026000050514624 EUR

    PrivatBank, MFO 305299


    ENTERPRISE/INN: 40416474

Purpose: “Charitable assistance for 4 of the puppies”. All questions can be asked on phone number (093) 235-03-70 – Olga.