In the river beat the man who beat the girl in 101-bus

В Днепре избили мужчину, который избил девушку в 101-й маршрутке

The man who beat the girl, he was beaten.

Yesterday, July 18, in the river bus 101 man and old woman beaten by a girl who paid for two seats and didn’t want to be near her someone was sitting. For the victim the girl that was hit hard three times as the man tried to stand up only one passenger.

Video of the incident was published online and the man who so brutally beat the girl retaliated. So angry passenger deviant found out and he was beaten.

“People? anger is probably the most serious weapon of our time. Offender girls… lay down”, – stated in the message.

Recall the video of the incident shows a man three times hit the girl. The victim fell and hit his head on the glass and the railing.

Except for men the girl also attacked the pensioner, who sat next to her. They had also stabbed her and was pulled by the hair.

It should be noted that the driver of a minibus did not react to what is happening. On this issue the review gave the head of the Union of motorists and carriers of the Dnieper Michael long-legged.

Also, as of today we know that the driver has been suspended from work.

“At the moment the driver is suspended from work. Tomorrow (Monday) will be a trial. Yet, according to the driver, everything happened beyond his sight (behind a partition from the driver), and all this he perceived as a “normal row between passengers,” which happen daily. Everything happened in the interval between the Bulgarian street and St. Abkhaz as soon as he realized that verbal confrontations “can escalate into a brawl,” the Abkhaz on the street the driver stopped and all of the affected passengers got out.

Unfortunately, many drivers are frightened by the attacks on drivers of passenger transport from passengers which occur periodically due to quarantine restrictions, so most of them try not to interfere in quarrels and scandals. But to call the police (which often does not arrive even when the attack on the driver) he had to be sure. Waiting for final clarification from the driver”, – stated in the message.

Source: Dnepr Operational, the Department of transport and transport infrastructure of the Dnipro Council

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В Днепре избили мужчину, который избил девушку в 101-й маршрутке

В Днепре избили мужчину, который избил девушку в 101-й маршрутке