In the river “death bus” is in full swing showed that check

В Днепре «смерть маршруткам» в самом разгаре: что показали проверки

14 Aug in the river began a campaign under the conditional name “Death bus”. August 29, live channel 9, head of sector for control and monitoring of contractual obligations of the Department of transport and transport infrastructure of the city Council of the Dnieper Ivan Vasukov told about the details and the first results of checks of buses and taxis in the city.

Put on all city routes of large buses really

According to Ivan Vasickova, the inventory was started with the aim of understanding, what is the status of bus transport in the river and what steps we need to do to bring passenger autotransportations in city on each city route and make them more convenient for people.

“We already know that all city routes is quite realistic transferred to the service bus, 1st class. This practice exists in all the major cities of Western and Central Europe. And when skeptics say that to remove the “sprinters” from the streets is impossible, it is not, and we can expect that the city will be served by large buses. We expect that it will take 2 years, but may be in 2.5 years”, – said Ivan Vasukov.

How much the city is now working haulers and how many buses checked

“The city now has 19 carriers, which are used on routes more than 1,300 vehicles, but with September on the line will be released over 1500 vehicles.

The city has 121 bus route, but some today are not serviceable. Or operated during peak hours 1-2 machines. Constantly maintained 117-118 routes.

As of August 29, we have already tested a little more than half of all buses out on routes in the city. About 700 vehicles, we have already checked. Relatively speaking, their condition is on average lower than required for a safe and comfortable work on city passenger routes. This refers to their technical and sanitary condition. Most of the buses are very dirty and dusty passenger seat, salons rarely cleaned. But there are carriers who follow the saloons of their buses well. Therefore, the Department of transport and transport infrastructure recommends that carriers go from cleaning of salons of their funds to service any cleaning company. It will be for carriers to cost not so expensive, and I’m sure they can afford it.

In the context of inventory, we created a table, which is free to access. And every citizen of the Dnipro can go to the website and see what has already been tested, what criteria is checked. Main criteria: year of manufacture, environmental friendliness of the engine on the exhaust, passenger capacity, to open the hatches in the salon. By the way, the city already has about 10 big buses that have the air conditioning running. However, drivers are not always their turn for passengers.

Another thing: during the day, we warn carriers, what their routes will be checked the next day. Often salons with dirty seats, polopoloonline chairs as they were, and still are. The hatches should be opened by passengers at their request, not the drivers like most of them said. If the carrier regularly supports the salons of its buses in good condition and it shows. And the reverse is also immediately evident, since the day to put in perfect condition the cabin of the car parked on the route impossible.

Of the 700 cars that we have checked, in the condition, when a bus right now to produce on the line little more than 200 cars. 9 days of inventory of about 20 vehicles were already removed from the route since then to use them on passenger service is simply dangerous.

Quite active, we help the passengers themselves, telling about the faults in our group in Facebook called “Death bus”. One of our staff constantly monitors this page.

But carriers are, frankly, now do not know what to do next. A request from the authorities about the change of transport low capacity, and those in the town of about 700 cars, or about 60%, put them into a dead end. They don’t understand where these machines are to do and how to replace them. Those who have their bearings, come to the Department and say they are ready to bring to the city 10-15 big buses and put them on these routes. But some still do not believe that our program permanently and seriously.

Here still here what problem: most of our carriers will not be able to cater for large buses. “Sprinter” does not require a lot of space in the Parking lot, can be served in a small workshop. Large buses require a large area for storage and a large modern repair facilities.

Another issue, which has more than 20 years, attracted by the transport when the carrier rents the car and puts it on the route. But the carrier is not liable nor responsibility for the condition of such vehicles, nor for the qualification and integrity of the driver. And such vehicles on city routes, about a third,” says Ivan Vasukov.

Will increase the price of travel in city buses

“You know that the city authorities against the increase in fares in city buses. Diesel fuel price does not increase, the dollar fell, and to tell the carriers that they work at a loss, not quite convenient.

When in may again before the city Council the carriers are talking about raising the price of travel, they had put a condition that it should not be any complaints. But the inventory shows that on each route 2 out of every 3 cars have flaws on technical or sanitary condition. Which can be then talking about raising prices?

We have a long time in the anti-rating in the first place was the route №31 “St., Autumn Ave Staroletova” where every third car had to be immediately put under the fence. Now its pushed out a route №119 “W/m Victory-6 – Soborna square”, where 24 in the test day 2/3 just came on the line, justifying this urgent repair work. But they haven’t quite understood that since mid-September, those vehicles that were not in the inventory, will recommend to routes not set them. And if this bus will be seen on the line, the carrier will get a great chance that it will be deprived of the right to serve this route”, – said Ivan Vasukov.

В Днепре «смерть маршруткам» в самом разгаре: что показали проверки

В Днепре «смерть маршруткам» в самом разгаре: что показали проверки

В Днепре «смерть маршруткам» в самом разгаре: что показали проверки

В Днепре «смерть маршруткам» в самом разгаре: что показали проверки

В Днепре «смерть маршруткам» в самом разгаре: что показали проверки

В Днепре «смерть маршруткам» в самом разгаре: что показали проверки