In the river from a grenade explosion injured a child: review of the police

В Днепре от взрыва гранаты пострадал ребенок: комментарий полиции

In the river this morning there was a grenade explosion, suffered by the child.

The message on explosion received around 11.00. It happened on Ruby lane, injured boy 2011 born. The child was hospitalized with a preliminary diagnosis: traumatic amputation of the left arm, shrapnel legs, left hip, open abdominal trauma, he is now at children’s hospital Space.

According to the witness, he heard an explosion similar to a grenade explosion, I heard a cry for help, saw the victim, applied a tourniquet. When communicating, the injured boy said that the object that looked like a tube, found in the passage between the house. The scene is fenced, now the scene is protected, the site is the SOG of Novokubanskogo district.