In the river get a subsidy of almost 30.5 per thousand households

В Днепре субсидию получают почти 30,5 тысяч домохозяйств

In the river on the unheated period the subsidies for housing and communal services receive nearly 30.5 thousand households, of which about 2 thousand public assistance was appointed for the first time, the rest – automatically reassigned after the end of the heating season. This was during the hotline July 3, reported head of sector on work with references of citizens of Department of social protection Department of social policy of the Dnieper city Council Vera Mishchenko.

According to her, currently the hype in the appointment of housing subsidies is not observed. In an average week, turn to 300.

“The grant is not automatically renewed, and re-appointed for a unheated season in the form of money internally displaced persons, tenants of residential premises or homes. If in the family there are persons of working age who have no income or they are less than the minimum wage; the family structure has changed, as well as those who use liquefied gas, firm and liquid oven household fuel. For this purpose filed an application in the prescribed form and the Declaration on the income and expenses of persons who applied for her appointment. If the amount of designated housing subsidies exceed 5 thousand UAH. in a month, it is paid in cash non-cash” – said the representative of management of social protection.

If the recipient of the subsidy, which is provided in cash, wants to get her in a cashless form, he submits the corresponding statement the Department of social protection and is required to indicate the mobile phone.

In case of death of the recipient of the subsidy unpaid state aid in the form of cash in the next period will receive one of the members of the household to which the deceased belonged. In all other cases the right of succession by third parties gross subsidy is not provided.