In the river in one of apartments explosion of firecrackers bag: details

В Днепре в одной из квартир прогремел взрыв из-за мешка с петардами: подробности

Militiamen found out the cause of a powerful explosion in the river on January 21 on the street Sofia Kovalevskaya. The epicenter of the explosion was on the second floor balcony, and the power was such that the shock wave has washed the Windows in neighboring apartments. This is reported

According to one version, could explode a tank of gas, but this option seemed unlikely. The secret was opened by the landlord. 32-year-old man for whatever reason decided to ignore basic safety rules when playing with the firecrackers. Dangerous “toys” was set on fire immediately all the crowd, and given that it all happened in a confined space of the balcony of Khrushchev, we could not do without damage and injuries.

Stronger than all paid himself a careless inhabitant of the Dnieper. Fan it to blow up firecrackers hurt my arm at the elbow, and the limb had to be amputated. 18-year-old girl, who was near the scene of the explosion (in the room adjacent to the balcony), is now in serious condition. The victim open skull injury and brain damage.