In the river may appear smart Park

В Днепре может появиться смарт-парк

Public organization of the Noosphere in cooperation with the Dnieper national University. Oles Gonchar made a proposal to bring the Park area near St. Kazakova, better known as the Gagarin Park in order. It is proposed to give the space engineering form and SMART content. This was reported in the group “Noosphere Engineering School / Engineering School” on Facebook.

It is expected that the renovated Park should be a comfortable place not only for leisure, but also education.

Today there are designer and landscape solution for land that is still subject to approval by the authorized state bodies and structures.

But this solution lacks the “engineering spirit”, – stated in the message. – We want to see in the Park conveniently:

* conduct lectures and master classes;

* to access the electronic library;

* organize sports competitions, creative competitions and concerts;

* undertake quests and participate in them.

What are we waiting for?

Idea what TECHNICAL rather than landscape, architectural and design solutions able to contribute to the implementation of ideas. It can be:

* the system of information boards with QR codes to conduct quests;

* mobile augmented reality;

* development in the direction of the “audio guide” or something like that

* anti-vandal devices for charging gadgets;

* a system that automatically control the lighting of the area zoned depending on the presence of people and other such SMART-projects.

Write in the comments your suggestions and celebrate the people who take them!

В Днепре может появиться смарт-парк

В Днепре может появиться смарт-парк

В Днепре может появиться смарт-парк

В Днепре может появиться смарт-парк