In the river “Moskvich” with two children collapsed on the wall (PHOTO)

В Днепре "Москвич" с двумя детьми развалился о стену (ФОТО)

Friday, March 8, at the city center in the river the driver of “Moskvich-2141” not full speed crashed into a concrete wall. In the car were two men and two children. All of them were injured.

According to police, the car raced at high speed through the city center towards the Humanities, but in turn the driver has not coped with management.

Crashing into a concrete wall, the car shot into her huge hole and collapsed on his blocks turned the already battered vehicle into a pile of metal.

On the back of the car were two teenagers of 13 and 14 years old. Physicians “fast” have diagnosed them with multiple head injuries and broken legs.

The victims on the ambulance, accompanied by the patrolman was rushed to the hospital. Doctors suggest that in the course of further examination the injury of children can be more serious than at the first examination.

Was hospitalized and another man who was sitting in the place of the bomber. His condition is not known. The driver escaped with a few bruises and refused to help.

В Днепре "Москвич" с двумя детьми развалился о стену (ФОТО)

В Днепре "Москвич" с двумя детьми развалился о стену (ФОТО)