In the river on Mayakovskogo tram down the man who popped out on the way: details

В Днепре на Маяковского трамвай сбил мужчину, который внезапно выскочил на пути: подробности

In the river on Mayakovsky street tram 5-th route down the man who suddenly appeared on tram ways – the “Dnepr operational”.

The incident occurred today evening. Tram number 5 was moving along its route on Mayakovsky street from an array of Western to traffic University. Approximately 300 meters after the stop of dzmo he did hit a 27-year-old man, who, according to the tram driver suddenly jumped out of the bushes. The tram driver applied the emergency brake, but it didn’t help to avoid collision.

At the scene, an ambulance was called and police. The pedestrian, who was a resident of Kamensky, was injured left arm and head. Also he reeked of alcohol and he was wearing a jacket on a naked body. The injured man was hospitalized in 16-th city hospital for further testing.

It should be noted that this stretch of road is poorly lit. The police are investigating all the circumstances of the incident.