In the river saving the lives of puppies, Marshmallows and brownies: how to help

В Днепре спасают жизни щенят Зефирки и Брауни: как помочь

Not all the animals in the river lucky to have caring owners. But even those who have a roof over your head, sometimes you can catch a terrible disease. Puppies Marshmallows and brownies not only are there no owners on which to rely – dogs suffering from enteritis, they urgently need treatment. And in addition to caring astragalas, no one can help.

Custody of the dogs took shelter “We are for the right to life”. However, this is not the first smaller brothers, which are saved by the volunteers of this club. And because of this have a shelter large debts to the clinic. And before you start to treat s’mores and brownies, you need to pay off debt – and that more than 5 thousand hryvnias. It is reported by the Informant, referring to the post of volunteer Olga Humanik in Facebook.

At the moment, the condition of the dogs extremely heavy. One of them just pour the liquid of blood. Enteritis affects the internal organs. In addition, dogs can’t eat or drink because of what they have dehydration and exhaustion. Every day of their treatment costs over 1 thousand hryvnias. The shelter there is nothing to pay even the debt, not to mention the further procedures, medication and maintenance of four-legged patients. Volunteers appeal to all with a request as soon as possible to support poor financial:

  • Card mini-shelter Privat

    4149 4991 3681 6293 – Humanic Olga Valentinovna

  • Card mini-shelter MonoBank
  • 5375 4141 0707 6654 – Humanic Olga Valentinovna
  • TransferWise Umanchyk Olga
  • Transfer to QIWI Purse +380932350370
  • Account: UA693052990000026004050290416 UAH

    UA593052990000026007050514564 USD

    UA153052990000026000050514624 EUR

  • PrivatBank, MFO 305299


    ENTERPRISE/INN: 40416474

Purpose: “Charitable aid for Marshmallows and brownie”.

Not so long ago we talked about the fact that in the river thrown into the street dog and five puppies: they need help. Also reported discarded at the construction site the cat and her kittens – they are in the clinic and also need your attention. Remember: better a little help than great sympathy.