In the river set of underground garbage cans

В Днепре устанавливают подземные мусорные баки

From old tanks, they differ in that all the trash is on the surface and under the ground.

Roomy and environmental. In the river set the new containers for garbage, brought from Europe. First appeared on the street of Trinity. From old tanks, they differ in that all the trash is on the surface and under the ground. These bins are more environmentally friendly – say at city hall. And what about the new think citizens, asked the reporter of the channel 34.

Almost invisible on the street and holds up to several tons of garbage. At Trinity there is a new and modern trash. Locals use the tank comfortably, and still looks good.

“It’s cleaner, prettier, better somehow tidier. They then take the garbage out and take out. That is all right,” says Valentine, who lives nearby.

Such tanks are already using in Europe.

Bring them from Portugal, I got the idea there too 3 years ago. There renderout logo of the Dnieper.

New containers require special garbage trucks. Mikhail Lysenko said that in the river such manipulators include all.

“I expect this year will be about 3-4 dozen in the city. First of all, it compares favorably with large capacity of more than 3.5 cubic meters of debris. Garbage is not blown, do not move with the wind, it is not digging dubious citizens, it has beautiful appearance,” – said the Deputy mayor of the Dnieper Mikhail Lysenko.

But the new tank did not like. Stanislav said, if the garbage truck does not arrive on time, the garbage will stink in the entire area.

“They look good, hard to break, but I understand that the garbage will be awkward to get. If musorovozy machine will not come on time, then all the garbage will be lying on the street” – says a resident of the Dnieper Stanislav.

With this agreement and the environmentalists. Say such garbage cans are more environmentally friendly than conventional, but they need time to clean.

“If there is a well-established logistics, and will continue to choose this garbage, then that garbage will not scatter is a good practice. Another issue is that you need to do something with solid waste,” – says the ecologist Ekaterina Kolesnikova.

Until the end of the year these pots promise to establish in all parts of the city.