In the river the car at full speed crashed into a truck (Video)

В Днепре легковушка на полном ходу влетела в грузовик (Видео)

In the river at the intersection of Karuna and Manuilskogo Avenue had a serious accident. Truck “ATB” tried to turn on the tram tracks and rammed the car. There was a video of the time of the accident, reports the Dnieper operational.

As it became known, the incident occurred at 15:07. Mercedes truck performed a u-turn and did not take into account the flow rate of cars. When the truck left not in the roadway, he immediately hit the car. The car has received serious damages. According to preliminary information, the accident nobody has suffered. Also, it was reported that the driver of the truck, Mercedrs passed the examination for alcohol intoxication. Drager showed 1.41 ppm.