In the river the car hit a 19-year-old boy and disappeared: the relatives are looking for witnesses

В Днепре автомобиль сбил 19-летнего парня и скрылся: родственники ищут свидетелей

March 6, at the intersection of Kalynove and Amber knocked down a 19-year-old boy who was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. The driver fled the scene of an accident.

The incident occurred between 21:00 to 21:30. This Informant told Alexander the father of the injured boy.

“My son crossed the street new building on a pedestrian crossing. He started walking when the other drivers stopped. At this point, he was hit by a driver traveling in the fast lane,” explained the father 19-the summer guy.

When the pedestrian fell to the ground, the driver stopped and offered a ride home. The young man, being in a state of shock, refused to get into cars with strangers. After that, the driver of the car left the scene of the accident, concerned about the health of the pedestrian.

The victim managed to get home and just then he turned for help to the police and doctors. Doctors hospitalized him to the city hospital № 6. It turned out that the guy’s injuries of the knee, numerous bruises, and a broken one of the toes.

“I don’t remember the number and make of the car. Remember that the dark. The right side of the car can be damaged – that it was a shock,” said the victim.

At the time of the accident on the road had a lot of cars, and near the spot were the pedestrians, who could see everything. That is why the father of the injured guy asks residents of the Dnieper, not to be indifferent and to help find the driver who left the downed guy on the road.

If you witnessed this incident, has recorded it on the DVR or remember the number / brand of the car, report it to Alexander – the father of the victim, by calling (063) 269-79-44.

В Днепре автомобиль сбил 19-летнего парня и скрылся: родственники ищут свидетелей