In the river, the driver knocked down a pedestrian, swore and went shopping

В Днепре водитель сбил пешехода, обматерил и отправился за покупками

In the river the man in his car flew into the Parking lot, catching the pedestrian walking on a pedestrian crossing.

Case, so indignant residents, occurred yesterday evening, February 14 at the Zaporozhye highway. Mercedes Vito at high speed drove into the Parking lot, while turning to the Shopping centre Subway, I hooked a mirror of the pedestrian moving on “Zebra”. Dnipro are outraged, because a man is to apologize to the incident, “hid” obscene victim, and then calmly went shopping.

There were the police, who quickly found the van with the would-be driver. When he noticed the approaching guards, tried to accelerate and as fast as possible to escape from the scene. To implement his plan, the man failed, he was arrested at the intersection of Panikakhi. All the details of the incident being investigated.

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