In the river, the driver was beaten by two inspectors, Parking, not to pay the fine

В Днепре водитель избил двух инспекторов парковки, чтобы не платить штраф

In the centre of the Dnieper river on July 9 at about 12 noon local resident got into a fight with the inspectors of the Parking lot. First, he beat the woman and then attacked her colleague. Both inspectors are in the hospital, and the police came home to aggressive intruder. The cause of the conflict was the fine for improper Parking, the website of “Dnepr Operational”.

– He stopped his car near the sign “stop Smoking”. A man who looks about 30 years old, reacted poorly to a fine. He sharply attacked the girl and struck several times in the face. In addition, he beat the other inspectors for the Park, which interceded for the girl. The offender hit him on the head with the gun and in the abdomen, – the newspaper notes.

Then “the fighter” got into the car “Ford Fusion” and went on to prospect Dmitry Yavornytsky. Into place there arrived the ambulance. Doctors hospitalized a woman inspector in the Parking lot with a preliminary diagnosis: grazes of the face and forehead. Injuries on men is not reported, but they both will be treated in the 16-th city hospital.

Law enforcement authorities know where the offender lives and the inspectors came to visit him. The doors opened to his wife and said that her husband was not at home and where he is she doesn’t know. On its website and on Facebook police while the incident did not comment.

Law enforcement officers