In the river the parents managed to rescue the children, who was almost lured into a car

В Днепре родители успели спасти детей, которых неизвестный заманивал в машину

In the river is unknown, was luring children into the car, and seeing that he was noticed by the adults, ran away. About this on his page in Facebook wrote dnepryanka Oksana Khodorchenko.

In the yard on the street Donetsk highway 119, wanted to kidnap children, tried to make friends with the kids in the end offered to go to the white car, and in return will give candy and chips.Seeing how they run parents fled in an unknown direction, she said.

According to the woman, it all happened on July 9 around 12:30. For unknown reasons, the man ran to the side of the car, and after standing next to the garages. The car have to move.

Data from law enforcement regarding the incident at this point, no.

Law enforcement officers