In the river two guys stole a pillow from the theater in the shopping center “cubic meter” to sleep

В Днепре два парня украли подушки из кинотеатра в ТЦ "Кубометр", чтобы поспать

On Friday, may 31, the guards of the shopping center “cubic meter” had to Wake the two guys who were sound asleep in the theater on the second floor. The first thing that came to the guys in the sleepy head is revenge, so they grabbed pillows and began to run.

All this happened late at night – around 2:00, – said the Informant. Employees of the security company immediately scored a “102” and told dispatchers the story of a daring robbery. Has not passed also ten minutes as the two were sitting on a bench surrounded by police and answered many questions.

It’s funny, but the patrol guys said and grabbed the pillows at the Mall and going to bed. Then the guard spoke about the incident in detail and confirmed that they stole things from the cinema. In the end, the lovers sleep on other pillows brought to regional Department. What was in the mind of 19-year-old and 21-year-old thief – out law enforcement.

Previously, we reported that a man tried to steal in the “Auchan” 21 jar of canned food. Until the arrival of police the attacker was held by security guards, after he went in Shevchenkovsky police station. We were also told that in Donetsk highway two questionable sobriety men tried to steal several dozen bars of chocolate.

В Днепре два парня украли подушки из кинотеатра в ТЦ "Кубометр", чтобы поспать