In the Rivne region have saved 11-year-old boy with a wounded leg: a bullet from a gun never found (PHOTO)

В Ровенской области спасали 11-летнего мальчика с раненой ногой: пули от ружья не нашли (ФОТО)

In the Rivne region are not doctors found a bullet in the foot of a child who shot himself in the foot with a pneumatic gun.

As reported in the Ostrog district hospital surgeons after surgery not found a bullet shot in the foot the boy, and sent the baby home.

“During pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings under article 166 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, the investigators found that after receiving the June 20 injuries in wounds of the foot of the victim was immediately brought to Ostrog Central district hospital for medical care. However, after surgery of the bullet in soft tissues was never found, and 11-year-old boy was sent home. In the future, namely June 22, the health condition of a child deteriorated, which led to the re-treatment in a medical institution – Rivne regional children’s clinical hospital. The child was hospitalized in the surgical Department”, – stated in the message of the police.

Police have launched an investigation into the failure or improper performance by a medical worker of the professional duties. The sanction of article provides restriction of freedom for up to five years or imprisonment up to three years with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for three years.

As reported on may 31 in the intensive care unit of the “Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi CRB” brought the boy with closed craniocerebral injury, brain contusion, intracerebral hematoma and temporal bone fracture. In the hospital, the child discovered the bullet wound. Now there is a version that the child accidentally shot the police. Both suspects were detained. The injured child had surgery, but the bullet removing are unable. Doctors say that the skull was completely crushed. The bullet ricocheted, broke all the skull and lodged in the brain. It was also reported that the RRT reclassified the case to the side of leniency.

5-year-old Kirill Slavov died in hospital on 3 June.