In the Rostov region doctors urged to pass column in the “Immortal regiment”

В Ростовской области врачей призвали пройти колонной в составе «Бессмертного полка»

The proposal was made in the report of the Minister of health of the region Tatyana Bykovskaya.

Tatiana Bykovskaya in his report on the activities of health care in the region for five years, spoke about the situation in the region with infant mortality and a shortage of staff in hospitals.

According to her, it’s time for don to halve the number of child deaths.

Five years ago the infant mortality rate was 7.9 per thousand survivors in 2019 – 4.7, which is lower than the figure for Russia, which is 4.9. To achieve such results, we reduced the number of small obstetric hospitals, improved routing of pregnant women and newborn babies, bought new equipment in children’s hospitals, the Minister said.

Last year, the centers for toddlers in need of special care, born 3 923 newborns, of which 305 were premature. Doctors managed to save the lives 3857 children. This is 98,3%, which is 0.6% higher than in 2018. While less began dying children with congenital malformations.

With regard to the shortage of medical personnel in the country, Rostov oblast, he did not pass. In hospitals of the region are now more than 13 thousand doctors and 32 thousand srednegavansky workers. 90, 2% of the required amount. Over the last year this indicator has improved by 10 %, and by 2024, according to the plans Bykovskaya, staffing will reach 95%.

This will help the material support of physicians. From the regional and Federal budgets for these purposes it has been allocated 600 million rubles, 1.5 billion rubles went to subsidies for 1089 doctors.

In her report she are unable to ignore the fact of mass death of physicians during the Second world war. Often dying only the soldiers of the infantry units. In 1941 the average life expectancy of orderly at the forefront was 41 seconds. During the war, missing or killed 85 thousand doctors.

To honor the memory of colleagues who did not return from the battlefields, the Ministry of health in collaboration with medical University proposed to create a separate column during the “Immortal regiment” marching in the parade on may 9.

Magicforum reported that the government of the Rostov region considering the provision of housing and one-time relocation allowance in the amount of 1 million rubles, if only they came to work in Novocherkassk hospital.