In the schools of Uzhgorod declared a quarantine due to viral infections

В школах Ужгорода объявлен карантин из-за вирусных инфекций

Monday, January 28, in Uzhgorod schools quarantined in connection with the increase in the incidence of SARS and influenza. Such decision was accepted today at the meeting of the anti-epidemic Commission of Uzhgorod city Council, the press service of the city hall.

Classes will resume after stabilization of the epidemiological situation, which is constantly monitored. Kindergartens will continue to work with certain restrictive quarantine measures.

Physicians reported that for the last week in Uzhgorod 1,037 cases (909,6 per 100 000 population) treatment to doctors about SARS. When compared with the previous week, the incidence rose by 32.6%. This is 50.7% higher than the epidemic threshold (603,5 per 100 000 population).

Among the infected children under the age of 17 – 619 people (59.7 per cent), which is 99 more than last week (520). The growth rate is 19.4 %.

More ill in recent days and adults – 418, or 59% more (+156 patients, or 1.6 times). There is a growing incidence of adults (from 33.5% last week to 40.3%).

The percentage hospitalized is 15%, most of them children of 82.3%.

Since the beginning of the epidemic season among residents Express methods was 33 cases of laboratory confirmed diagnosis of seasonal influenza A, including one case of influenza A+B.

The proportion of children of school age in the structure of all cases over the past week was 36.6% (380 children, growth compared to the previous week – 37.2%). In some schools for the last 4-5 days – consistently high percentage of missing students.

В школах Ужгорода объявлен карантин из-за вирусных инфекций