In “the Servant of the people” believe that Vereschuk “will win a famous athlete,” and going to the city Council, “new people”

В "Слуге народа" считают, что Верещук "победит известного спортсмена", и собираются вести в Киевсовет "новых людей"

The head of the faction noted that they feel more confident opponents in the issue of “smart power” of their candidates.

In the fraction of “servant of the people” believe that their candidate for mayor of Kyiv, MP from the “SN” Irina Vereschuk “will win a famous athlete,” and going to the Kiev city Council “new people”.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, the leaders of the faction said in comments to journalists after meeting of fraction.

So, the Chairman of the faction David Arakhamiya noted that “Irina was from the outset”.

“Because the woman candidate definitely can and will, and win the famous athlete… Because in the ring they don’t leave physical power cannot be applied, and intellectual power – we are in his candidate much more confident feel than the opponent,” he said.

Arakhamia wished Vereschuk that she won.

“We will do from our party, from our party everything that depends on us, in order to provide all possible resources and all the possible people in the team you can turn to Irina won, and thus, the party of “servant of the people” was represented in full force, and head of Kyiv city”, – he said.

In turn, the Chairman of the party “SN”, first Deputy Chairman of the faction, Alexander Kornienko expressed the view that if, given the vision of the candidates for the primaries of the “SN” for the mayor to form a campaign strategy for Vereschuk and strategy of the electoral list of “SN” to the city Council, which is now actively will start to form in the party “SN” “good prospects” in Kyiv.

“To compete and, indeed, for the mayoral seat. Considering all the circumstances, which we now see in various interviews and so on, we have this great hope… And to fight for quality representation new people in the Kiev city Council. We talked a lot about it, “servant of the people” will lead new people without the existing city Council members without existing principles that are already in Kiev a little tired of all, without this carve-up, without the corruption, without these schemes, “looking”, “overseer” and so on,” he said.

She Vereschuk said: “We will win… we will Win”.

The deputies proposed to identify professional candidates for the positions of mayors, which will have a real chance to defeat the corrupt city officials in local elections this fall.

May 20, Zelensky assured that the primaries in the party “servant of the people” before the elections of Kyiv mayor will take place, and it will support in this election the winner.

July 16 in the internal party primaries “public Servants” won the Deputy Irina Vereschuk. Vereschuk was supported by 83 MPs, Kachura – 3, Dubinsky – 41, Tishchenko – 30, Gurin – 15.

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