In “the Servant of the people” outlined the claim to the Cabinet, which could lead to personnel changes

В "Слуге народа" очертили претензии к Кабмину, которые могут привести к кадровым переменам

Problem areas in the work of the Cabinet are health care, housing and utilities sector and industrial policy. It is in these areas we can expect staff turnover in the government.

About this program “Freedom of speech” on ICTV said the first Deputy head of the “servant of the people”, Alexander Kornienko, reports UKRINFORM.

“About the government – we have a paradox. The credibility of the President remains quite high. This means that in General there is a confidence to the course, which was offered by the President a year ago, and the “servant of the people” during the election campaign. And there are expectations that this course will be run. Specific actions, apparently, there are issues. People didn’t feel it in your pocket, in your backyard, not felt in the improvement of medical infrastructure, for example. We have a well traced goal, strategy, where we’re going, but in some areas reigns a certain confusion. With the same payment system situation, I think, all remember,” said Kornienko.

He also announced the introduction of the post of Minister of industrial policy or of Deputy Prime Minister with the appropriate authority.

“There are issues on industrial policy, which is not isolated, for it is not systematic work was carried out by this government. And she demands attention, because there is a recession, there are international processes in which we are. And so this requires a separate coordinator, the post of Minister or Vice-Prime-Minister – we now lead the discussion”, – said Kornienko.

As reported, Vladimir Zelensky February 28, sent to Dmitry Razumkov letter with the requirement to convene an extraordinary session of Parliament. BP Chairman scheduled the meeting for 16 hours on 4 March.