In “the Servant of the people” spoke about the agenda of the extraordinary session of the Rada

В "Слуге народа" рассказали о повестке дня внеочередного заседания Рады

The deputies will consider bills for the IMF and against the coronavirus.

The Deputy head of the faction “servant of the people” Eugene Kravchuk told about the agenda of the extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada, scheduled for Monday, March 30.

In the air of “Ukraine 24” on Saturday evening, Kravchuk announced that the deputies will consider a package “anticolonialism” laws, and two bills necessary to obtain financial assistance from the International monetary Fund.

“The agenda can be divided into several large blocks. The first is the bills from anticreeping package. One involves the so-called off-label drugs. We all read a lot in the media that in Italy, Spain and other countries use drugs that should not have been used against influenza, but they give a positive result. So we want to give an opportunity for Ukrainian doctors to use these drugs if the patient or his relatives do not mind,” – said Kravchuk.

“There is also a bill which is now finalizarea and I guess soon to be was a compromise bill from the majority factions and groups. It applies to economic support, first and foremost, those businesses are more likely to suffer. It is the tourism industry, small businesses – those who suffer in the first place There are tax benefits, including a separate paragraph which relates to the alcohol industry, to manufacturers of antiseptics received, the weakening of the excise tax to 31 may,” – said the Deputy.

“There is a large block that we need for cooperation with international financial institutions. This is very important because in April and may, a fairly large amount of payments on external debt. Accordingly, for macro-financial stability, we will need to pass a bill on banks and land reform in the new format,” she said.

In “the Servant of the people” I hope that the remaining 720 edits to the draft law on land reform will be removed from consideration. In return, the faction agrees to allow the sale of land only to the owners of the units, and the limit concentration was lowered to 100 hectares in one hand.

Kravchuk added that the meeting will be held in the plenary hall. The deputies will probably be dressed in glasses, masks and gloves.

“Given the fact that we will have quite a large list of issues that need to be considered, it is better to do it in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada”, – she said.