In the shadows on the sea waves to fans saw an interesting position of the singer Nastya Kamenskih. Photo

В тени на волнах моря поклонники увидели интересное положение певицы Насти Каменских. Фото

Ukrainian pop singer Nastya Kamensky NK again published in his Instagram a picture with guests at the Mexican resort of Cancun, which almost confirmed the speculation of fans about her pregnancy.

Despite the usual emphasis papasakoti that the singer puts on the buttocks, fans noticed that the shadow from the sun showed a big belly artist. Many followers were quick to point out this nuance of the singer. “Interesting shadow”, “Belly shadow”, “Nastya is pregnant,” “Oh, is she pregnant or photoshop?”, – write user.

The part of the fans expressed confidence that such a coincidence is “a sign” and Nastia needs to become a mother: “A real shadow, as pregnant. Definitely a sign, Shadow fun fell”, “If pregnant in profile worth”, “Shadow turned pregnant”.