In the “shelf” road beggars, who arrived in Melitopol, women’s replenishment (photo, video)

В "полку" дорожных попрошаек, прибывших в Мелитополь, женское пополнение (фото, видео)

In Melitopol at the intersection of B. Khmelnitski str Hetman Sahaidachny beggars run under wheels of cars, hunting, for benefactors. At the traffic light, they go between cars with the boxes and ask for money.

It is noteworthy that this pattern is repeated in Melitopol in the summer from year to year.

According to unofficial information is a touring artists from Moldova.

By the way, their shelf arrived today. And if a couple of weeks ago at the crossroads worked for a guy on crutches.

Now it was replaced by a girl.

In the regiment of beggars-touring, landed,, landing,, in Melitopol, replenishment. Joined the guys girl. Takes into submission. Yet I do not give money not moving away from the driver.

Publication of RIA Melitopol (@riamelitopol)

The video shows that persuasion works drivers and they sacrifice to the beggars.