In the Simferopol club staged a mass brawl

В симферопольском клубе устроили массовую драку

Employees of private security of the regional Department of Regardie detained the instigators of the conflict in which injuries were received by one of its members.

Night, having received a “disturbing message” of the entertainment venues were on the tour, the squad of group of detention stopped the illegal actions of young people who on the basis of the argument put up a fight. On the site of the incident, resguardar found that during the scuffle one of the opponents used item, structurally similar to the Makarov pistol pneumatic action and inflicted bodily injuries to one of the parties to the conflict.

Employees of Regardie detained five participants of the conflict, three of whom were guests of the Crimean Peninsula from the Volga region. At the scene were caused by medical workers and employees of investigatory-operative group of the territorial Department of the Ministry of interior. The victim was given medical assistance, and the participants of the conflict and the subject similar to an air gun, handed over to the police for further investigation. Verification of the circumstances of the incident.

Law enforcement officers