In the sky over Canada faced two passenger aircraft

В небе над Канадой столкнулись два пассажирских самолета

A small plane crashed into the water, and another emergency landing – no injuries

In the sky over the capital of Canada, Ottawa, faced two small passenger aircraft. The crew and passengers managed to survive.

On Board the first plane was 70-year-old pilot. His aircraft after a mid-air collision with another plane crashed into the Ottawa river near Constance Bay.

Witnesses immediately called 911. The scene went several boats and helped to rescue the pilot. Now he is treated by medics from minor injuries.

On Board the other aircraft were four people, including a child. The aircraft managed to land safely at the airport Arnprior. However, the aircraft received damage to the nose wheel during an accident.

However, all the passengers and crew remained unharmed. Now this incident is investigated by the safety Board, transport Canada.

В небе над Канадой столкнулись два пассажирских самолета