In the sky over Croatia exploded in a ball of fire (VIDEO)

В небе над Хорватией взорвался огненный шар (ВИДЕО)

The people of Croatia, Slovenia and some regions in the North of Italy observed in the sky spectacular explosion of the fireball in the afternoon of 28 February at 09:31 universal coordinated time.

This informs The Watchers.

For the appearance of the ball was followed by a loud sound that seismographs perceived as an earthquake. Experts suggest that it could be part of a meteor that entered the atmosphere.

Witnesses thought it was a plane that breaks the sound barrier. Some people panicked and believed that starts an earthquake.

Scientists of the Croatian astronomical Union (CAU) said that it was a bolide – a very bright meteor.

The sound of the explosion was in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, at 09:34, three minutes after the sky was seen a bright flash. The sound lasted several seconds and was heard throughout the Northern part of the country. From residents, it was reported that the explosion shook the window glass, but of data about material damage.

According to CAU, the meteor exploded at an altitude of about 30 km. Perhaps some part of the celestial object are preserved when entering the atmosphere, but not where they fell to the ground.

Earlier in Spain saw the flight of the meteor.

В небе над Хорватией взорвался огненный шар (ВИДЕО)