In the Somali capital exploded hotel

В столице Сомали взорван отель

Up to 50 people, an increased number of victims of the terrorist attack in the Somali capital. Rescuers continue analysis of blockages of the hotel, which presumably was the aim of the attack on Friday, suicide bombers sent into the building two car bombs, a third exploded on a street nearby. the hotel is near the criminal investigation Department.

“My friend and I rode the bus home, and drove past the hospital. At this point the car behind us crashed into a hotel and exploded. I was wounded, I was able to get out of the bus and ran, but then lost consciousness. I woke up in the hospital,” says one of the victims.

The total number of victims is estimated at 58 people. Responsibility for the attack claimed the militants of the movement “Al-Shabab” associated with “al-Qaeda”.

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