In the state statistics service said that the debts under the salary has decreased

В Госстате заявили, что долги по зарплате уменьшились

Wage arrears in Ukraine in recent years has decreased, compared to December 2018. This is evidenced by relevant data, voiced by the state statistic Committee reported However, for full repayment of debts to speak while prematurely.

In Ukraine recorded a reduction in the volume of wage arrears. However, much of it is difficult to call. According to data published by the state statistic Committee, compared to December 2018, the arrears of wages in the country decreased by 1.2 percent. However, until full repayment of debts, according to the figures, is still far away. So, as of February 1, the total debt amounted to more than 2.6 billion hryvnia.

Also, the statistical office reported about the growth of real wages in the country. Thus, according to the state statistics service, in January, recorded almost 10% growth of this indicator in relation to January 2018. If we consider the situation in the regions, the highest wage in the capital today. Least of all in the country to earn the residents of Chernivtsi region. In most regions of the country salary today ranges from 7 to 9 thousand hryvnias. Modest only the paid work of doctors and social workers. Thus the highest salary reported in the insurance and financial sectors.