In the suburbs of Ulan-Ude found a male corpse with a gnawed head

В пригороде Улан-Удэ нашли мужской труп с обглоданной головой

A terrible discovery was discovered by neighbors quite by accident. The apartment where the body lay, was empty, because it is not lived.

In the Suburbs of Ulan-Ude found a male corpse with a gnawed head. The incident happened in the district Peauncellier the house into four apartments.

A woman accidentally went there and saw a corpse without a head. At first she thought that she just seems. However, I decided to call the police.

Dead men, indeed, were absent from the face and upper part of the head. Apparently, it was made of stray dogs. Their wild pack lives nearby.

The witnesses were unable to identify the deceased acquaintance or someone living nearby. It was not, so identification will be difficult.

The body would send for examination. It will be the cause of his death. Also, you will know how long the body was in a vacant apartment.

According to initial reports, the man allegedly was identified by the clothes and the remnants of hair from his relatives.

According to them, he was not a bum and never for long periods of time is not lost.