In the Telegram in test mode appeared video calls. Manual

В Telegram в тестовом режиме появились видеозвонки. Инструкция

The messenger Telegram has released an updated version of the iOS app, where in test mode, have the opportunity to make video calls. About it on July 26, according to “Code Durov”.

The publication said that to activate the function in the following way:

  • download version 6.3;
  • click 10 times on the icon “Settings” (Settings) to open the debug menu (Debug);
  • to include in the menu “Eksperimentalnyi functions” (Experimental feature).

After that, the user profiles will appear the icon “Video call”.

The two sides also need to activate at the experimental functions for video calls, adds the publication.

In an official update from the company about the video calls are not reported. Among the innovations version 6.3 called the possibility to install video avatar, send files up to two gigabytes and to watch detailed statistics in groups on more than 500 people. Also added some new animated emoji.

The function call in the messenger Telegram added in March 2017. All calls are encrypted. Before that Telegram was only available with regular messages and SMS.

Telegram is a free instant messenger. It was developed by the founder of social network “Vkontakte” Russian Pavel Durov. The first client of Telegram for iOS was submitted on 14 August 2013. The number of active users of the service in April 2020 was more than 400 million people.