In the U.S., approved new weight loss method using the hydrogel

В США одобрен новый метод похудения с помощью гидрогеля

Filling the stomach a neutral hydrogel gives the effect of saturation and allows you to lose weight by reducing the quantity of eaten calories. The new method is based on this principle.

It became known that the Ministry of health of the USA approved a new method of losing excess weight by filling the stomach a neutral hydrogel with capsules. These capsules, called “Plenty” (Plenity), was developed by scientists from the company Gelesis and registered with the Office for quality control of food products and medicines (FDA).

Capsules with a hydrogel do not apply to drugs – they have no any active substances. Each of them consists of a gelatin shell with a filling, which is a mix of cellulose and citric acid. After being hit in the stomach the shell is dissolved and the contents, mingling with the liquid, begins to increase in volume. Thus, the hydrogel fills up to 25% of the volume of the stomach and causes a feeling of fullness, allowing you not to feel hunger and look for food. When hydrogel gets into the small intestine, the particles are processed by digestive enzymes, water is absorbed by the walls of the intestine, while pulp is expelled.

The effectiveness of a new method of losing weight has been confirmed in clinical trials. The participants that tested the capsules with a hydrogel, within 6 months, stable weight, their body weight decreased by 5% from the original. This result was recorded in 59% of subjects.

It is noteworthy that the capsule can be taken for as long as you want. They are suitable for weight loss not only people with severe obesity, but also those who possess the fullness with not too high a excess weight.

In the United States to buy a tool it will be possible already this year, and only on prescription.