In the U.S. defense budget can lay sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”

В оборонном бюджете США могут заложить санкции против "Северного потока-2"

US sanctions may force the company to refuse participation in the “Nord stream-2”

The U.S. Congress could include provisions on sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream-2” in the us defence budget for 2020. It is reported by Voice of America, citing the Chairman of the Committee of international Affairs of the U.S. Senate Jim riche.

The law on the national defence budget is one of the most important documents in determining the defense expenditures of the United States. The inclusion of such provisions in the draft would mean that there is a common position on this issue in both houses of the US Congress banking Committee.

As noted, such sanctions could force companies to refuse to participate in the “Nord stream-2”.

“It will bring large charges. I think if the sanctions will be, the Russians will be forced to find other ways to do it,” – said Rish.

The text of the document has not yet been disclosed, but the Senator said that the situation on sanctions will be consonant with the ideas underlying the bill, which in July filed Senator Ted Cruz.

It is noted that a bill Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act of 2019 (S. 1441) offers to impose sanctions against vessels that are involved in the construction of the Russian pipeline “Nord stream”.

In addition, the Bundestag adopted the bill on amendments to the legislation for the implementation of the updated gas Directive of the European Union.

As reported RBC-Ukraine, the first Deputy U.S. Secretary of state John Sullivan announced that the United States will help Ukraine to stop the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

The Nord Stream project 2 involves the construction of a new pipeline from the coast of the Russian Federation through the Baltic sea to Germany in addition to the existing Nord Stream. It is expected that the capacity of the second line will be 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually.