In the U.S. protesters have created seroresponse and called it the Autonomous area of Capitol hill

В США протестующие создали мирореспублику и назвали ее Автономная зона Капитолийского холма

Important: Protesters have created an Autonomous zone in Seattle (USA). Donald trump called autonomicos terrorists.

Details: In the US, where protests continue in the hands of the protesters was Central districts and the city of Seattle. Here was proclaimed the so-called Autonomous area of Capitol hill (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone).

According to media reports, the “President” of ASCH has become a known rapper.

Access to the territory of ASCH prohibited by both police and government officials. The protesters built barricades. Some go with guns.

There is also information about what to pass inside of the autonomy you need to get a visa. At the entrance are posters with inscriptions:

– “You go into the Autonomous zone Kapitaliyskom hill”,

– “You leave the territory of the United States”.

U.S. authorities still do not apply force to the separatists. President Donald trump called the creators of the Autonomous Republic of terrorists.

The topic: Earlier, we wrote about the fact that America is waiting for a massacre of blacks and the civil war.

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