In the UK has banned the advertisement because of its lack of women (photos)

В Великобритании запретили рекламу из-за отсутствия в ней женщин (фото)

Advertising British retailer PC Specialist was banned because of gender stereotypes.

According to the Independent, several people complained about the movie, then the Office for standards advertising took action against its spread.

The video was shown in the fall of 2019 on British television. It portrayed the men who write the music, programming and playing video games. Women in the frame was completely absent.

Eight viewers, who saw the ads said that it supports “harmful gender stereotypes, depicting men in roles that are stereotypically male”, and implies that only men are interested in technology and computers.

The representative of the retailer said that the video aims at demonstrating the capabilities of the computer and does not impose stereotypes. The company said that advertising does not compare men who use computers are women who are not using computers, while the video clearly is not reported that women do not use computers or that this service does not suit them.

The organization pre-approval of advertising Clearcast had not previously considered the video is harmful, however, the Office supported the complaining. The video was banned for distribution, PC Specialist required to undertake appropriate training in the company.

Previously, the Department has also banned advertising campaign online platform PeoplePerHour. The slogan “You play the boss. We will do SEO” called impermissible: 19 people complained the fact that advertising perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes, portraying the leading business woman patronizing and implying that women lack the technical skills.

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