In the UK has created an analogue Tinder for cows

В Великобритании создали аналог Tinder для коров

British startup came up with an application Tudder, by which the farmer can choose an attractive and healthy partner of his cows. While Tudder only works within the UK. Hectare Agritech plans to open a similar application for sheep.

British startup Hectare of agricultural Agritech has created a version of the popular Dating apps Tinder.

In Tudder you can find information about animals with 42 thousand farms across the UK – a profile “user” contains information on his whereabouts, health, age, diet and the owner.

According to the authors of the project, the app is a boon for farmers, as is often the search for the bull-zaplanowac can take several weeks, and this means that all processes on the farm stops. Also, the service eliminates the need to visit agricultural markets.