In the UK intend to reduce to zero greenhouse gas emissions

В Великобритании намерены свести к нулю выбросы парниковых газов

UK by 2050 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, embodying one of the most stringent laws for the protection of the environment in the world. About it has informed on Tuesday, the office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may, which is June 12, intends to submit a legislative initiative to the national Parliament.

“Achieving zero emissions by 2050 is an ambitious goal, but it is critical that we have implemented it and thus ensured that we will preserve our planet for future generations” – are the words of Mei in the communique, widespread Downing street, 10. The previous goal of the British government lay in the fact that to reduce by 2050 greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to 1990 levels.

It clarifies, in this connection, the Financial Times, zero emissions, in practice, mean that in order to compensate for greenhouse gases that will be new trees planted or introduced technologies for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide.

London indicates that great Britain will thus become the first country from the group of seven, an informal Association of the most economically developed States in the world, which will reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero. However, the UK authorities indicate that in five years, will evaluate the progress of other countries in this direction. Thus announced on Tuesday plans can be adjusted if other States will not follow the example of London.

The newspaper reminds that last year half of all UK-produced energy accounted for low-carbon sources, and in may this year, the country for the first time in the XIX century lived a week without coal. Specific measures that will be taken by the authorities to achieve the ambitious goal not called. At the same time, according to the Financial Times, for zero net emissions of greenhouse gases will require a major revision of systems of heating of houses, diagrams of the industrial production, the organization of the transport network.