In the UK, will launch the first regulated cryptocurrency Bank

В Великобритании запустят первый регулируемый криптовалютный банк

Mark Hipperson (Mark Hipperson), which is more than ten years headed the technology division at Barclays and also was co-founder and former technical Director of British Bank-the applicant, Starling, in the first quarter of 2020, plans to launch a digital Bank Ziglu.

In particular, the concept of new Bank users will be able to keep one account multiple currencies, such as Fiat and digital.

Hadlich, trade, waste

A free account is not just able to maintain balance in multiple currencies, but also freely convert between them. Foreign currency can be bought and sell at the interbank rates and the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies will be available at the best price in several markets.

Moreover, according to the site Ziglu, any currency in the account can be spent anywhere debit Mastercard cards. It concerns cryptocurrency, which will be converted instantly at the point of sale.

Now only the UK

Hipperson is the CEO of Ziglu from September 2018, and the company has applied to the financial conduct Authority UK (FCA) to become an electronic money Issuer.

Application to create an account, you can apply to launch, but only to residents of the UK, although plans to expand. More specifically:

“Although we intend over time to expand its offerings to other countries, at present only UK residents who are at least 18 years of age may use our services and have the right to apply for creation of an account in Ziglu.”

Ziglu certainly not the first company to offer a combined account. Bitwala opened the account attached Bitcoin wallet and later added the Ethereum.

It is also not the first debit card that supports the cryptocurrency. But a combination of several Fiat currencies, plus the savings in the cryptocurrency, as well as the opportunity to spend any currency card with instant transfer at point of sale is probably the first of its kind offer.