In the Ukrainian capital Kiev may soon accept bitcoin for payment in public transport

В столице Украины Киеве вскоре могут принять биткоин для оплаты в общественном транспорте

The city authorities, the Kyiv city state administration (KCSA) to consider the advantages making payments in the public transport system of the city of bitcoin. The move is part of efforts aimed at improving the public transport infrastructure of Kyiv, to meet the standards that are seen in other major cities around the world.

KCSA is returned to the previous making payments in BTC to the public transport network of the city. In KCSA misleading:

The issue has been dealt with in 2018, but this idea had temporarily abandoned taking into account the cost of bitcoin at the time. Now, as you know, bitcoin has fallen dramatically in price, which opens up new possibilities.

In August 2018, reports surfaced that KCSA is planning to launch payments in BTC for the bus in the city. However, the plan failed, but I think the city is trying a second time to realize the idea.

The introduction of bitcoin payments in the public transport system of Kiev is part of the desire of the city to restore the sector of public transport. This payment option became possible thanks to the successful testing of the electronic ticket.

This will significantly facilitate our lives. In any case, the mechanism of implementation of such a payment much easier.

In February 2019 was introduced by the Kyiv smart card – prepaid card that provides access to all forms of public transport in the city, as well as the possibility of introducing a single bitcoin-ticket for all public transport.

Kiev plans to introduce the infrastructure of e-tickets until 2024 in all its public transport system. As well as NOL card in Dubai and Argentina travel map of SUBE, Kiev map can be used in metro?? buses, trams, taxis, trains and the like.

Megacities around the world are considering a similar system as a way to simplify the process of moving to the city for local residents and tourists.

In Argentina, many cities have allowed the bitcoin-payments to top up your credit balance on Sube-travel.

Kyiv city administration hopes that the introduction of e-ticket will facilitate the adoption of bitcoin. If approved, this step will greatly enhance the reputation of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Ukraine. In mid-2018, Chairman of the National Commission on securities and stock market (NKTSBFR), Timur Limp, called for the legalization of cryptocurrency, saying that the world has crossed “point of no return” with regard to scriptaction.

Recall that recently plans to transfer urban services for blockchain said the administration of the city.