In the Ukrainian text of the outcome document of the summit Norman made the change: the reason

В украинский текст итогового документа нормандского саммита внесли изменение: причина

On the official website of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has made changes in the Ukrainian version of the communiqué (outcome document), adopted at the summit in the Normandy format, which took place in France, 9 Dec. Made this for the Ukrainian version is fully consistent with English.

Change due to “difficulties of translation”

The representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group to resolve the conflict in the Donbass Alexey Reznikov said “Gromadska” a correction of the text of the conclusions of the summit “channel four”.

“Imagine – are complex negotiations: political advisers, representatives of the four agencies, zashlifovyvajut words, but there is a dialogue in Russian, German, French and Ukrainian languages. And the text (outcome – 24 channel) comes out in English,” – said Reznikov.

That is why, according to Reznikov, the change occurred because of the “difficulties of translation” because “communiqué fine-tuned”.

What has changed in the Ukrainian text of the communiqué of the summit channel

The office of the President December 11, made adjustments to the Ukrainian version of the text of the final document of the summit channel: wording

  • “legal aspects of the law on special order”


  • “all legal aspects of the special order”.

In this part of the communique said on the special order of the local government (special status) of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Note that in the English version of the communiqué do not have the term “law”, which is from the Ukrainian version, in fact, seized.

All the news about Norman meeting 2019 – read the material 24 of the channel.

MP from the party “servant of the people” Alexander Kachura, the TV channel “Our” also on 11 December, said that a communiqué has been edited to fully meet the English version.

We discussed this with colleagues and with the President’s Office. I read in English this text, and it corresponds to the latest revision. I even talked with a doctor of philological Sciences: he said that the latter translation is more accurate

– said Kachur.

Watch the video 24 channels with short channel the results of the summit:

В украинский текст итогового документа нормандского саммита внесли изменение: причина