In the United States are preparing action against Russia in case of intervention in election

В США готовят операцию против Росии в случае вмешательства в выборы

The response affected by the political elite of the Russian Federation, except for the President

In the case of Russian interference in the elections of the President of the United States in the fall of 2020 U.S. cyber command prepared an operation against the Russian political and economic elite. This writes the Washington Post.

At the same time, as reported by the newspaper sources among officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin this operation will not affect, as such measures will be deemed “too provocative”.

It is reported that it can go about accessing and using confidential information about the representatives of the Russian leadership. Another way information operations – search of differences among people from the Russian elite.

The operation began to prepare, after intelligence was provided last month a secret report. It is said that “Russia with the help of hackers will try to sow dissension among the Americans and deliberately to aggravate the existing contradictions in society.”

Some of the measures the U.S. cyber command has already taken against the so-called trolls who were acting in social networks on behalf of the American citizens. In Washington, ubezhdeny that they act on the instructions of the Agency’s Internet research of the Russian Federation.