In the United States began a new phase of the investigation in relation to Kolomoisky

В США начался новый этап расследования в отношении Коломойского

The oligarch was accused of laundering money in the U.S. real estate market.

Business tycoon and former shareholder of PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky is currently pending Federal Grand jury of the United States (a panel of jurors) on charges of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate in the US, reports BuzzFeed News. What the Grand jury decides whether there is enough evidence that the person has committed a crime to send him to jail.

Now the Grand jury is investigating the finances of the tycoon in the course of the investigation, which tracked the passage of money from the now state of “PrivatBank” through a series of offshore companies in the United States. The Grand jury investigation in Cleveland is an attempt to track the millions that Kolomoisky and his associates allegedly sent through banks. In Cleveland he purchased the hotel has 484 rooms and a 21-storey office building.

As reports the edition with reference to own sources, once Kolomoisky and his business partners (primarily, also the ex-owner of PrivatBank Gennady Bogolyubov) were the big players in the commercial real estate market in Cleveland, owning the area of nearly 3 million sq ft (280 sq m). He also owns the steel mill in Warren Ohio.

For more informed Federal agents tracked the millions of dollars that were sent from companies owned by Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, in the United States for the purchase of real estate, including four skyscrapers in downtown Cleveland, in the period from about 2008 and the next five years.

The publication reminded that initiated by the Ukrainian regulator’s investigation revealed a deficit in the books of accounts of PrivatBank on $5.5 billion Government called this fact a massive and coordinated fraud, which was attended by principal shareholders of the Bank. To keep the Bank from bankruptcy, the Cabinet used a balanced on the wheel hole the budget.

Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov told the newspaper that he did not know about the Grand jury investigation, and money illegally from PrivatBank did not take.

We will remind, on April 22-23, PrivatBank repaid before the Bank loans to refinance 2.34 billion UAH, issued by the financial institution before nationalization. In late February, he paid the debt by 3 billion UAH, and at the end of March – on 2,2 billion UAH.