In the United States began to sell apples, the year stored in the refrigerator

В США начали продавать яблоки, год хранящиеся в холодильнике

Sunday in the United States began to sell an unusual variety of Apple, called Cosmic Crisp. They can take a year to preserve the freshness if you store them in the refrigerator, according to the manufacturer. On the early sales reports Bi-Bi-si.

Apple Cosmic Crisp – hybrid varieties Honeycrisp and Enterprise. Scientists from Washington state University received the first results in 1977. The breeding has gone 22 years. Fruits retain a good quality 10-12 months when stored in the refrigerator, say the creators.

The word “space” in the title of the new varieties have appeared, because his dark red skins are white speckles that resembles stars in the night sky. The brand now belongs to the University.

“This ultra-crisp Apple, are relatively sturdy, with a good balance of sweet and sour, besides it is very juicy”? appreciated new kind Kate Evans, Director of the program on the cultivation of apples in the University of Washington.

The release of the new variety has been an American fruit company Proprietary Variety Management (PVM).

The first seedlings for commercial planting appeared in 2017. The demand for them was so high that I had to arrange a lottery among farmers.

Today in Washington grows more than 12 million Apple trees, giving a sort of Cosmic Crisp, and the gardens cover about 12 thousand acres. This landing is considered the most the largest and fastest in the history of Apple business in the world. It cost the producers $30 million.

Nnew planting of Apple trees, giving a sort of Cosmic Crisp

In exchange for this trust, farmers of Washington has exclusive rights to the cultivation and sale Crisp worldwide until 2027. And since a new variety is sold on the market as a premium, the price is appropriate.

Now apples sell for $5 per pound (per 454 grams). This is three times more expensive than standard varieties. 4,75% of the proceeds from each sold box weighing 40 pounds, is Washington state University and its commercial partner, PVM. It is planned to sell before the end of 2019 467 thousand boxes weighing 40 pounds in 2010 to increase sales to 2 million boxes, and in 2021 – up to 5.6 million.

В США начали продавать яблоки, год хранящиеся в холодильнике