In the United States during a football match post nearly killed the referee and players: video

В США во время футбольного матча столб едва не убил арбитра и игроков: видео

In the US, the match school football championship between representatives of the “Maine” and “Dardanella almost ended in tragedy.

When one of the players threw the ball from out the field came down the lighting rig with spotlights that caught the referee and one player, reports

As a result of the incident injured a linesman, who suffered a broken tibia and fibula bones, and the player also “Exchange”, he escaped with numerous cuts to the head and legs, managing to jump aside at the last moment.

The cause of the incident is called the strong gusts of wind, which provoked the fall of the structure.

Informed Sport 24 wrote that in the match of League of Japan between the football teams “Sapporo” and “Shimizu” there was a curious case involving one of the players. Brazilian striker “Sapporo” Anderson Lopez almost suffered a severe injury, goal celebrations.

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