In the United States earned service scooters, which will come to user

В США заработал сервис самокатов, которые сами приезжают к пользователю

The American company began testing Tortoise in the suburbs of Atlanta (USA) rent scooters with remote control. They come to the user to the desired point and leave themselves after the completion of the hire charge. They can also be operative to control the uniform distribution of scooters on the work area. Manages the scooters a team of operators from Mexico city to Atlanta which is 2&8239;800 km.

The new service solves several problems that have inhibited the development of this form of urban transport in many American cities. Key among them is the poor organization of the redistribution of scooters after the sessions of the lease as entire city blocks in popular areas were littered with scooters, preventing pedestrians and vehicles. In some cities, particularly San Francisco, the local government even had to impose restrictions on the operation of the service rental of Segways.

Startup Tortoise solves this problem the most obvious way. Their scooters are equipped with cameras, automatic and remote control, and additional two small retractable wheels, due to which the scooter gets the stability in the Autonomous movement, writes The Verge.

On receiving an application call scooter, the operator sends to the customer a loaded instance, controlling it through the camera movement speed and safety drive. When a scooter is rented, it is also in offline mode returns to base, where sanitation is charging. If the scooter during Autonomous movement somehow fell or was someone shot down, this is monitored through the camera and then to him goes the local support.