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У США викрили брехню Манафорта щодо України - 24 Канал

Spectacular USA Robert Mueller gave the court the details of the violations former head of the election headquarters of the President of the United States Paul Manafort of a plea deal, as evidenced by documents in the court database.

Write about the American media, particularly The New York Times, CNN and Bloomberg.

The publications team Mueller argues that Manafort “repeatedly lied” about contacts with administration officials trump, interaction with the Russian-Ukrainian political consultant Konstantin Kilimnik, in particular, of collusion with him to put pressure on witnesses in the case of unregistered work Manafort lobbyist in Ukraine.

“During interviews with the Office of the Special adviser to the FBI Manafort repeatedly said is an obvious lie – it was not just cases of blackouts”, – the document says.

Note that the Kilimnik associated with the President-the fugitive Yanukovych and Russian Rosco, NW, which, for its part, is accused of involvement in hacking the servers of the Democratic party in the presidential election race in 2017 and disclosure of sensitive information during this period. Investigators claim they have evidence of electronic communications between Manafort with Kilimnik, and other evidence of contacts.

In addition, spectracolor believes that Manafort lied about a Bank transfer to 125 thousand dollars under his control the firm and had provided the U.S. justice Department false and contradictory information on some “other thing” (a large part of the Mueller report on the top 10 pages are retouched).

Mueller also said that Manafort after the agreement has repeatedly changed his version, he wrote e-mails to administration officials, though, claimed that no one contacted.

Now, the prosecution can terminate the agreement with Manafort with his confession. The defense claims that he followed all the terms, but agreed to the sentencing through the resulting conflict of interest.

We will remind, the American political consultant Paul Manafort was found guilty in eight of the 18 counts. Refers to financial fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. He faces up to 80 years in prison. Special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller said that the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump earned in Ukraine as a political consultant $ 60 million.

Who by Paul Manafort?American lawyer, lobbyist and political consultant. Was an adviser to Viktor Yanukovych held a post of the head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump. Is now under investigation by several Federal agencies. Manafort is a Central figure in the investigation concerning possible illegal relations campaign headquarters trump with the Russian leadership.

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