In the United States has accused Russia of dirty game in favor of North Korea – 24 Channel

У США звинуватили Росію у брудних іграх на користь КНДР - 24 Канал

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has accused Russia of trying to interfere with the implementation of sanctions against North Korea, which is stipulated by the UN resolution.

He stated this during a press briefing.

According to him, Russia has tried to undermine the sanctions of the UN security Council against the DPRK.

As the head of the American foreign Ministry, this occurred by trying to amend the report of the 1718 Committee, which is responsible for the restriction against Pyongyang.

In addition, Pompeo expressed the hope that the relevant UN Committee will retain its independence and will not allow any country to rewrite the text of the resolution.

“It is the present policy of sanctions has allowed the President to Donald Trump to convince the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN of the need for complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” said Pompeo.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the permanent mission of Russia to the UN Feodor Strzegowski noted that the report of the panel of experts of the 1718 Committee was amended, in which the Russian side insisted, RBC.

“At this stage we do not see obstacles to the dissemination of the report in the UN Security Council. By the way, make adjustments to the quality of the report just won,” he said.

Also the representative of the Kremlin believes that this situation once again demonstrated the necessity and importance of cooperation between groups of experts with member States of the organization.

Recall, December 22, 2017, the UN security Council adopted a resolution which provides for more stringent sanctions against the DPRK. For this decision voted by all 15 members of the security Council. The sanctions include a sharp reduction in the supply of petroleum products and a ban on the supply to DPRK of different kinds of minerals, chemical products, electrical goods and equipment, as well as certain foods.

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