In the United States has filed a lawsuit against Google

В США подали в суд на Google

The law firm of Boies Schiller Flexne appealed to the court against Google Inc., which is the parent company Google. An organization that represents the interests of a group of plaintiffs, in June 2020, has filed a lawsuit against the Corporation for $ 5 million. About it reports Reuters.

The lawsuit States that Google continues to capture data about the use of apps and personal information even when disconnected in the settings of track in the network.

The plaintiffs accuse Google of spying for the actions of users of the Chrome browser even when the incognito mode.

Data collection occurred from using Firebase, according to the plaintiffs. It works inside applications invisible to the user. Firebase is used by developers to store data, send notifications and advertising, tracking failures of the system.

Previously, Google has launched a competitor to Pinterest.