In the United States has launched a drone service to deliver goods Via Waymo

After a successful round of investment attraction developer robomobile Waymo announced the launch of the service Via. This means that the Autonomous roborative Waymo will begin to deliver the goods.

The total amount of attracted investments amounted to 2.25 billion dollars. Led the investment round firm from Silicon valley’s Silver Lake. Immediately after this, the company announced the official launch of Waymo Via service delivery Autonomous trucks, says CNBC.

We are opening routes along the corridor are I-10, connecting Arizona, new Mexico and Texas for their truck class 8
said John Krafcik.

We are talking about heavy trucks that Waymo tested on the roads of California, Arizona and Georgia, and recently threw in two States: Texas and new Mexico.

How was the testing

Since the founding of Autonomous vehicles Waymo traveled unmanned more than 32 million kilometers of real roads and over 16 billion kilometers – virtual.

In addition, the company has a fleet of modified vans Chrysler Pacifica, who are allowed to carry passengers without a driver behind the wheel.

“In the next three years we will see how these cars will continue to expand in Phoenix. We will see continued growth in California, and I’ll just say: follow our news in other sectors of the market,” said Krafcik.

В США запустили службу беспилотной доставки грузов Waymo Via

В США запустили службу беспилотной доставки грузов Waymo Via

The car Park Waymo

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